Marsha Gay Reynolds

Home Healthcare Director

New York, New York

Marsha Gay Reynolds is a highly accomplished professional with a Master’s in Public Health and serves as the Managing Director of a major home care agency in New York. With a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion, Marsha fosters a culture that values diverse perspectives and ensures equal opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds. She actively engages in initiatives to support vulnerable populations and has distributed personal protective equipment during the pandemic. Marsha’s dedication extends to mentoring youths from lower-income areas, improving access to essential goods and services, and enhancing healthcare options in New York City.

Marsha Gay Reynolds

Marsha’s impact goes beyond her local community. She played a pivotal role in volunteering at a prominent COVID-19 mass vaccination site, contributing to saving lives and advancing her career in the homecare industry. Collaborating with fellow professionals, she explores innovative projects and best practices in elder caregiving, constantly seeking to improve the quality of care for older adults.

In addition to homecare, Marsha is passionate about advocating for renewable energy sources. She actively supports government policies promoting developing and utilizing clean technologies to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Marsha Gay Reynolds exemplifies unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusion, allyship, and a genuine passion for renewable energy. Her outstanding achievements and dedication demonstrate her belief in the power of collective action to bring about transformative change. Through her trailblazing efforts in the healthcare industry and broader societal impact, Marsha catalyzes progress and inspires others.